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We are completely independent and can therefore give advice in a neutral manner. Based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations, we draw up the budgets with which your employees can go shopping.
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fleet costs

We are more than a leasing broker

FLEET@VICE is a brand and bank neutral organization. We are completely independent and can therefore give advice in a neutral manner. Based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations, we draw up the budgets with which your employees can go shopping.

A classic financing company

  • Is not free, you pay to the company
  • Contains only the proposal of the company itself
  • Doesn’t offer you the best deal of all providers
  • Takes little or no account of taxation
  • Does not always offer a full operating lease
  • Does not compare contract terms

What FLEET@VICE offers, completely free

Fleet cost optimization

  • Neutral advice based on TCO

Our TCO is the budgeted cost of a car after corporate tax. This includes the following parameters:

  • Drawing up the budgets, based on your strategy. These budgets are based on the TCO so that you have control over your fleet costs at all times, regardless of the choice of make and model.
  • Drawing up and/or adjusting the car policy

Lease brokerage

  • We compare the various offers from the leasing companies. We do not only take into account the lease price, but also the contract conditions. This way you are always sure of the best deal!
  • Thanks to our economies of scale, we have better conditions than if you were to make the comparison yourself. Moreover, you do not have to spend time on it
  • We keep our finger on the pulse at all times. It is not because one leasing company has the best deal today that this will still be the case a month from now

Driver guidance

  • Guidance for your employees in making a choice, based on that car policy. We take over the entire selection process with requests for quotations, giving advice to employees about what is possible and what not, optimally filling in the budget, etc.

Create an order file containing:

Lease brokerage

  • Relieve the time-consuming selection process. All you have to do is:

We are not your average independent leasing broker leasing broker neutral leasing broker leasing agent independent leasing agent neutral leasing broker

It's not just what we do,

It's who we are


Years of experience

“After years of experience with a global player in operational leasing, we felt the need for independent and unambiguous advice with regard to costs from fleet managers. The complicated and complex Belgian tax system makes it increasingly difficult to calculate the actual cost of company cars. Without knowledge of taxation, it is impossible to budget the actual total cost on the basis of the purchase price or lease amount. FLEET@VICE specializes in translating that knowledge of taxation into comprehensible budget lists tailored to our customers. We work with lists based on TCO, which we translate into maximum investment value per type of car. This way your employees know what they can choose for what purchase amount and as a fleet manager you can be sure that your costs remain under control.”


Our target audience

“Our target group are companies that are already familiar with operational leasing or that want to evolve into it. The advantage of an operational lease is the possibility to budget the costs perfectly in advance and to spread them over the term of your contracts. We mainly operate in Flanders, but we are perfectly 3-lingual (Dutch, French, English) so that we can offer your non-Dutch-speaking employees the same service. Contact us without obligation to get to know our way of working. We are sure that we can offer you added value, without it costing you anything!”

Created out of necessity at the request of companies that have the current tax system
no longer understand


Founded by Steven Dessomviele, under the name Leasedesk


The name is changed to FLEET@VICE


New logo for the company


Our new website is placed online


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1 day ago
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We are very satisfied from the service and knowledge of FLEET@VICE. Thanks to their expertise, we saved a lot of time and money. And this completely free! Again thanks a lot.
Triala group
1 month ago
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We just ordered our 74th car through FLEET@VICE. Our fleet consists of different categories, based on TCO. FLEET@VICE ensures that employees can choose effortlessly within their budget and we keep our costs under control, without the worries and workload, because FLEET@VICE always looks for the best deal in the leasing market. I can really recommend them!

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Perhaps you think you can easily compare all leasing proposals. But make no mistake! You will be surprised what the impact is of eg electric cars or plug-in hybrids compared to cars with a conventional petrol or diesel engine. After all, the complicated Belgian tax legislation ensures that you, as an employer, often benefit from using a more expensive electric car. Thanks to our TCO tables, it is very clear which cars are most interesting for you. Once we have determined the budgets together with you, we translate these into a net maximum investment amount per make and type of cars so that your employees know exactly how much they can spend per model. They therefore have a free choice, but you can be sure that no cars will be chosen that would fall outside your cost frame.

Steven Dessomviele, Fleet@vice

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